Smith showed a picture of Vibez with people standing outside, and said police estimated they were dealing with about 600 people waiting to get in. A vote wont come until at least April 12, and there was some difference of opinion as to whether the proposed change needed some tweaking or was the wrong approach altogether. Sean Brady was in Panama City Beach for a family vacation on Tuesday. Over the past couple of months we began receiving some information and intelligence in reference to what you see here, businesses beginning to advertise for large groups of folks to come and participate in their nightclubs, Smith said. Related traffic issues included general congestion and people parking on private property, Smith said, but it got worse as traffic on Highway 98 came to a stop with people trying to dance and twerk in the roadway. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. YouTubes privacy policy is available here and YouTubes terms of service is available here. 8.1K views, 65 likes, 9 loves, 28 comments, 98 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Last Minute PCB: What REALLY happened in Panama City Beach over Spring Break 2022! Feast on their famous grilled bay shrimp or oven broiled stuffed Florida Lobster. With 27 miles of sugar white beaches, this destination gem boasts some of the very best in nightlife, events, and hotel accommodations that will fit within any budget. Come on! Our goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for our residents and visitors, said Panama City Beach police chief J.R. Talamantez in a statement. Party like an apex predator at Hammerhead Freds. Your email address will not be published. Copyright 2023 Nexstar Media Inc. All rights reserved. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Create an account to get access to exclusive pricing and rewards. PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - No alcohol on the sandy beaches during the month of March. Spring for sky-high condo living when you choose to relax in the heart of Panama City Beach at Laketown Wharf. You get a lot of people out there fielded with alcohol, fueled with energy drinks in one big location. I dont want my citizens getting hurt. Panama City Beach unveils list of major events happening in 2022 In a social media post, the city listed the ordinances: No possession or consumption of alcohol on the sandy beaches No. PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) After a run as one of the wildest Spring Break destinations in the world, Panama City Beach cracked down in 2016. The city will not go back to the rowdy days of the past, Mayor Mark Sheldon said. This quintessential Florida beach bar is always buzzing with hungry patrons during daylight hours. Spring breakers thats what they come here to do so I feel bad for them but we dont need kids drowning or falling off balconies. Get your card now and save big! The next meeting will be April 12 to take a vote and conduct a public hearing of the ordinance. Theyd have to meet requirements related to parking, additional security staff and criminal background checks for owners and managers, among other points. Our favorite spring break in Panama City Beach Florida Hotels marry location, convenience, and amenities to deliver you a sensational sunshine state experience that won't break the bank. YouTubes privacy policy is available here and YouTubes terms of service is available here. The police chief said nearly one-third of incidents happened in that area over the last two years, and he said having the ordinance can hopefully bring those numbers down. Yearning for those perfect spring break lodgings? For example, no alcohol at the beaches, commercial parking lots or inside vehicles. What this will do will be dramatically to hurt our service industry, who are already suffering from incredible housing costs and gas prices, and what you're going to do is you're going to deprive them of two extra hours to work, Bishop said. Zimmerman said that clause was lifted entirely from existing code in Panama City Beach. One of the clubs in particular can hold 296 patrons, Smith said. Read on to discover everything you need to know about Panama City spring break 2023. While half of those arrested during spring break 2022 were Alabama residents, Panama City Beach Mayor Mark Sheldon suggested much of the lawbreaking came from people other than visiting college students. The business made the decision that they were closed, they made that decision also with the statement that they had made enough money for the night., Panama City Police Chief Mark Smith said this photo shows patrons outside a nightclub where the number of tickets sold for a show far exceeded the capacity of the venue, leading to crowd-management and traffic headaches.Panama City. Lucky cardholders will be cruising like celebrities at Panama City's only nightclub when they enjoy privileges like: **Longboard VIP Cards have not been confirmed for 2023. PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) Most locals know about the Spring Break laws, but the no alcohol on the beach rule comes as a shock to some visitors. Things to do on spring break 2022 in Panama City Beach Florida. Panamania in Panama City Beach Florida. In Panama City Beach, its the law. I dont want my officers to have to run toward gunfire like theyre in a war! So we have posts on Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor.. This world-famous institution of live music, seafood, and sublime beach scenery has been wowing tourists since 1984. The rules were designed to stop the massive college party that broke out every year. Not their problem, because theyre making a bunch of money. Just a fun vlog of the week while we were in PCB!!! But how to decide when to descend on one of the best party spots in Florida? He said he fully supports this ordinance change. All rights reserved. Their police forces and the Bay County Sheriffs Office worked together over the weekend, along with other agencies, to stem an influx of visitors that Panama City Beach Mayor Mark Sheldon has described as criminals who came to our town to be lawless and create havoc.. Loud music which disturbs the peace is prohibited. No one from the public spoke in favor if the ordinance; several people spoke against it. Copyright 2022 WJHG. Travis Carson said his parents made him aware of the rules before he traveled to the beach from Michigan. *must watch* Its Breezo 541 subscribers Subscribe 2.9K views 10 months ago #travel #springbreak #vlog Hey everyone and welcome to my. If youre thinking of altering your workout routine, youre probably looking for new exercises and equipment to help you reach your fitness goals. Smith also said a gas station next to the club was overrun by roughly 100 people who couldnt get into the club. Welcome to the biggest party of your spring break career, aka Beach Bash Music Fest. It seems many people out on the beach Tuesday had no idea. Devour sweeping views of one of the Worlds Most Beautiful Beaches as you munch away on local seafood specialties and frosty fruity drinks. The city's current. 30, 2022, 3:18 p.m. | Published: Mar. In a social media post, the city listed the ordinances: The city also reminds visitors that the Gulf of Mexico is closed to the public when double red flags are flying, not just in March, but year-round. Smith showed a photo of guns, drugs and money confiscated outside one of the nightclubs that night. VIP cards** are your entry point into a world of first-class worthy services and perks. Going by the stage name Diesel, he is scheduled to perform live during Spring Break in Panama City Beach on March 16 at Harpoon Harry's. At 7'1 and 325 pounds, Shaq's larger-than-life personality and powerful The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. I dont want my citizens being hurt. Rule breaks could cost you a pretty penny or land you behind bars. All alcohol sales end at 2 am, and no open house parties. The city council passed several ordinances that go into effect every year in March. Panama City Beach announces rules and ordinances for Spring Break, Camp Hill mayor proposes renaming city building after victim in Dadeville shooting, A solution for the community,: Tri-city area summer youth opportunities, Valley man arrested for outstanding murder warrant, Nico Williams: From fighting negativity to flourishing on pro courts. Stock up on SPF and body glitter because its time for spring break in Panama City Beach! Panama City leaders would be looking at their neighbors proposed rule, he said. In the wake of what officials termed a "lawless" spring break in 2022, Panama City Beach adopted a series of so-called "spring break laws." Now they'll get to see if they work. Check out these great suggestions. Prime yourself for plenty of pirate adventure, gorgeous sunsets, and refreshing poolside dips when you stay at the, Party Outfits, plus fun additional items for any theme parties you may attend, Panama City Beach may be known as the 'Seafood Capital of the South,' but that doesn't mean their Southern-inspired BBQ doesn't slay. The crowd was disruptive, unruly, uncooperative. Ord. "What . For more information on a recent press conference, click here. Were going to do the right thing, okay, said Mayor Greg Brudnicki, hotly describing a situation he compared to a war. Though the area boasts an average of 320 days of sunshine per year, late spring, summer and early fall offer some of the. Forestablishments selling alcohol toremain open past 2 a.m. the remaining 10 months out of the year, they must pass certain requirements, such as adequate off-street parking, criminal background checks of owners and operational security systems. In a social media post, the city listed the ordinances: No possession or consumption of alcohol on the sandy beaches No possession or consumption of alcohol in commercial parking lots All alcohol sales to end at 2 a.m. No open house parties are allowed Copyright 2023 WTVM. They also discussed how patrons who work late hours wont be able to let off steam and go hang out at local establishments after work. The other major tip is Panama City Beach police officers out on patrol. That adds up quick for the business and for my staff,you would lose hourly wages and tips for that period.. Smith said he was motivated to put together the presentation after how long it took to disperse the unruly and armed crowds Friday and Saturday night. Looking for something special to get your mom for Mothers Day? Officials want all visitors to enjoy the beaches and have a safe memorable trip but with that comes following the rules. A little disappointing, Brady said. Sand in your toes, some delicious rum drinks, and N'awlins style Po'boys make Pineapple Willy's a premier Panama City Beach bar destination. Yes, yes, and yes! We just want to make sure nobody gets hurt from some buffoons that come from out of town that dont even know how to hold a gun, Brudnicki said. The best time to visit Panama City Beach is from May through October. Prime yourself for plenty of pirate adventure, gorgeous sunsets, and refreshing poolside dips when you stay at the Days Inn. Spring Break VIP Cards Get your Spring Break Party Card for Hammerhead Fred's in Panama City Beach and get VIP express entry, FREE Beer nightly 8pm to 10pm (21 and up) and NO cover excluding ticketed events (Foam/Paint/concerts). Come March 1st, a list of ordinances goes into effect. Manuel added the ordinance would require him to voluntarily give Bay County law enforcement access to live security cameras on the exterior of my building. Between the swaying palm trees, the intoxicating rum drinks, and the tropical Gulf of Mexico views, there truly is no better place to spring break in 2023 than Panama City Beach. The savings achieved with a Maniac card are pure madness and include: Surf that party wave when you get down and dirty with all the discounts offered on the Longboard Spring Break VIP card. You can have fun here without being involved in illegal activities. PANAMA CITY City commissionersheld an emergency meeting Wednesday to propose a change in their alcohol sales policy in response to last weekend's Spring Break chaos in Panama City Beach. Check out these great suggestions. Other residents brought forward concerns of how it will affect employees, such as bartenders and wait staff, who rely on working those hours to make money. Looking for something special to get your mom for Mothers Day? Some commission members questioned whether the ordinance addressed the actual root problem. City officialsproposed a change to Ordinance 3059, which would annually prohibit the sale of alcohol within city limits between 2 and 7 a.m. from March 1 to April 30. Once you land, why not rent an open-air jeep or truck and pull into the beach and bar parking lots in style? Its a lot of government overreach to me, said commission member Jenny Flint Aligas. The ordinance would also impose additional standards on venues that wanted to continue service until 4 a.m. the rest of the year. One of the biggest rules some visitors might not know about is there is absolutely no alcohol allowed on the sandy beaches. Anyone caught with alcohol on the beach during March could face hefty fines, or even jail time. Following a weekend of disorder in the Panama City Beach area, officials held a special meeting Wednesday to open discussion of an ordinance to clamp down on late-night alcohol sales during spring break. Its hard for me to believe that the pizza joint over there, you have to have that many security people, he said. Grab that sunblock and settle in on their open-air patio for a Pineapple Willy, featuring Myers Platinum Rum, gold rum, Hawaiian pineapple juice, and cream of coconut before diving into their tantalizing eats. There are some things that they're looking at to add to ours that will help establish the partnership between those late-night establishments that want to stay open between 2 (a.m.) and 4 (a.m.) with the police department.. "Our. Students arrested for violating any of the above spring break laws will serve a minimum of one night in jail. Most of the rules have been around since 2016, such as no overnight scooter rentals and no parties in the parking lots. Shaquille O'Neal is one of the most dominant basketball players in NBA history and is now also a larger-than-life entertainer! You may recall last year 161 people were arrested in one weekend at Panama City Beach, and 11 of those arrested were from the WTVM Viewing Area. Zimmerman said hed been informed that Panama City Beach officials would soon consider an ordinance giving targeted emergency powers to the city manager. Panama City Police Chief Mark Smith said this photo shows guns, drugs and money confiscated outside a club during the weekend of March 25-26, 2022.Panama City. At least one incident of gunfire took place, with a man from Alabama shot in the foot. The change is something that we had to discuss because as the board realizes, I have little to no teeth as the police chief or as a law enforcement agency to clearly be able to address beyond public safety, Smith said. #panamacitybeach #panamacity. Savor that ocean breeze as you sip your mai tai poolside before heading out to Harpoon Harry's on foot. Various officials have said that part of the problem was out-of-town promoters using social media to build crowds for Panamaniac or takeover events. A Panama City Beach spring break means a surplus of seafood, saltwater, and NSFW fun. weekend of disorder in the Panama City Beach area, a special meeting of Panama Citys city commission, Buy newspaper front pages, posters and more. **Must be 18 or older to purchase a VIP card, 21 and older to drink. Read on to discover everything you need to know about Panama City spring break 2023. Panama City Beach, Florida, has long been deemed a mecca for spring breakers due to its dazzling 27 miles of soft, sugar-sand beaches, bountiful waterfront bars, and premier theme parties. As long as they behave, theyre welcome, said Panama City Mayor, Greg Brudnicki. Show off your dance moves as you groove to the local performers, or check their special events schedule, and stop by for a shrimp or Low Country Boil. I dont want inviting people here that they know is going to be a problem. Spring Break 2021 in Panama City Beach As she stood with her friends on the beach on March 25 near the Russell-Fields Pier, with double-red flags flying overhead and a gusty sea breeze. The consumption of alcohol in parking lots and in vehicles is not allowed. This year's Bash looks to be as rollicking and rowdy as ever and highlights a stellar lineup of Gordo, Yung Gravy, and Diesel (aka Shaq). In March of 2021, Panama City Beach police said they made more than 360 arrests, including 16 juveniles. The ordinances last through the end of March. Cookie Settings/Do Not Sell My Personal Information. TRENDING. SPRING BREAK VLOG | 2022 | Panama City Beach!!! Panama City and Panama City Beach are separate municipalities. If not, dont., But at the same time, he seemed to say a one-size-fits-all approach might not make sense. According to the city, these rules have been in place since 2016 in hopes to decrease criminal activity in the area. 2023 Advance Local Media LLC. Whats worse than a spring break in PCB without a tan? Thats over the top. One of the biggest. More than 160 people were arrested over the weekend, and nearly half were from Alabama. That needs to be tweaked.. From Runaways own signature Grouper to their spiced Jerk Mahi, seafood lovers will be in heaven. All rights reserved (About Us). A popular haunt of tourists and locals alike, Fred's has made a name for themselves on the Spring Break scene with their lineups of top-tier DJs, musical acts, and celebrities. Sip away on a Helles German Lager, or keep things on theme with a frozen Bushwacker or Panama Punch cocktail. Depending on your budget and the size of your spring break crew, choose to stay anywhere from a 1 to 3 bedroom bunk room. Smith said this past weekend could have been much worse, luckily resulting in no deaths. So take a break from the crustaceans and fill up on slow, smoked goodness when you stop by, Sand in your toes, some delicious rum drinks, and N'awlins style Po'boys make, Lap up every second of Florida sunshine when you choose to eat, drink, and be merry at, Welcome to the biggest party of your spring break career, aka, Surf that party wave when you get down and dirty with all the discounts offered on the, Incredible discounts on concerts and special live events including the Neon Glow Party.
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